Share Your Story

Every girl/woman has a story.

If you’ve read mine, then you know that sharing my story – what God has done with a shy, deeply vested in physical paper and pen, over-thinking, spontaneous drum-circler, creative-in-hiding, conservative-bohemian, learning-to-love-nature girl, then you know that I think one of the greatest gifts is being able to share your unique experiences.

Your questions.

Your answers.

Your prayers.

Your failures.

Your victories. 

Your own Psalms. 

I know it may seem like I’m asking a lot of you. To be vulnerable, to be confident without reservation, to stare your imperfections in the face and tell them Who made you, but I only ask what I know can be done.

I believe in the power of your words. 

You breathe the breath of God. I just want to remind you to steward it. Plant it and see what harvest He makes of it.

And as your find your strength, meet the women who are just a few steps ahead of you, cheering you on with every post they “publish.”

Each on her own journey. Each learning more about herself and the God who made us. Each becoming the woman God created her to be.

(Coming Soon)

But don’t wait!

To share your story or learn more about the BTW contributors, leave your info here: 


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