Share Your Story

Every woman has a story.


Each on her own journey. Each learning more about herself and the God who made us. Each becoming the woman God created her to be.


I believe in the power of your words. 

You breathe the breath of God. I just want to remind you to steward it. Plant it and see what harvest He makes of it.

I challenge you to the Hard Love Writing Challenge


The Hard Love Writing Challenge is a 7-Day E-Course designed to help you push through the pain of your past and find the pearls. Those hard, but important lessons you couldn’t have learned any other way. There’s so much you have to offer the world around. Let’s start with some Hard Love.

I know it may seem like I’m asking a lot of you. To be vulnerable, to be confident without reservation, to stare your imperfections in the face and tell them Who made you, but I only ask what I know can be done.

Take a chance on yourself and join us gals on this crazy journey to becoming the women God created us to be through writing.



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