What I Learned in 8 Years of Abstinence

When I'm experiencing challenging seasons, I often find it hard to remember to have joy during trials. Joy that overshadows fear and doubt. Joy that fills any emptiness in my heart. Joy that reminds me that God is good, has been good and will be good to me no matter what the weather report of... Continue Reading →


Our First Talk.

I was raised in a Christian household. We went to church every Sunday. Sometimes more than once.  My dad was a pianist for all the choirs and had to be there whenever they sung.  My mom read scripture to us, gave us kid versions of the Bible and prayed with us every night. I didn't... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons You Can’t Stop Writing

Whatever is keeping you from writing is also keeping you from a special type of reflective healing, from seeing the growth God has produced in you, the many difficult seasons, relationships and hardships He has brought you through and potentially blocking the blessings that come with letting go and letting others in to how God has moved in our lives.

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